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def formconductor_version = "0.4.0"

implementation "me.naingaungluu.formconductor:core:$formconductor_version"
implementation "me.naingaungluu.formconductor:compose-ui:$formconductor_version"

Available Modules

  • form-conductor:core - Pure Kotlin library with all form validation features
  • form-conductor:compose-ui - Android library with form and field composables with scopes for easy form state handling in Jetpack Compose.

A little note on R8/Proguard on Android Builds

Since we're using kotlin-reflect to process form data classes, R8/Proguard on android tends to strip off the constructors and metadata information from those classes during the obfuscation/optimization phase. To instruct proguard to spare our form data classes, we've added file to compose-ui artifact.

You don't have to worry about proguard stripping off your form data classes in release builds on Android. It'll just work out-of-the-box starting from version 0.2.3.

However, if you're using just me.naingaungluu.formconductor:core without compose-ui in your Android Project, you'll need to include the following proguard rules in your app module's file.

-keepclassmembers class * extends me.naingaungluu.formconductor.validation.ValidationRule {
public static <fields>;

# Keep classes and properties annotated with @Form
-if @me.naingaungluu.formconductor.annotations.Form class **
-keepclassmembers,allowobfuscation,allowoptimization class <1> {

# keep all the classes referenced in the @Form class
-if @me.naingaungluu.formconductor.annotations.Form class ** {
** *;
-keep,allowoptimization,allowshrinking class <1> {
-keep @me.naingaungluu.formconductor.annotations.Form class * { *; }
-keep class me.naingaungluu.formconductor.** { *; }

# Keep kotlin.Metadata annotations to maintain metadata on kept items
-keepattributes *Annotation*,Signature,InnerClasses
-keep class kotlin.Metadata { *; }